Viviana De Luca

How to drive an offshore change agenda by Bowman Offshore Bank Transfers

  6 tips to drive change without going insane   Under pressure to reduce operational costs, tech chiefs are increasingly taking advantage of cheaper offshore resources and labor arbitrage. There are also similar opportunities for back office processing that can be addressed by using service providers overseas.   But offshoring doesn’t always have a happy ending for a nu..


Bowman Offshore Bank Transfers on Moving Funds Offshore: Navigating through SA’s tax clearance, allowance rules

  JOHANNESBURG — When it comes to moving your money offshore, there are several options. But each option needs to be considered seriously as it triggers off allowance and tax clearance rules. Missing a step could mean that you’d have to repatriate your funds back to South Africa and, at worse, possibly pay penalties. In this podcast, Esmerie Pienaar — a certified financia..


Bowman Offshore Bank Transfers: Ten Things to Know About Offshore Bank Accounts

  If you are a U.S. citizen or resident and maintain an undisclosed foreign bank account, beware. As numerous prosecutions trumpeted by the IRS make clear, the stakes have never been higher and the potential liabilities can be staggering. Why worry?   The vaunted secrecy of Swiss and other tax havens turns out not to be so secret after all. They've already named names to the IRS and..